What is it?

Two-factor authentication (also known as 2FA) is a security mechanism that requires a secondary verification code to sign into your account.

Why is it important?

It adds an additional layer of security onto your login credentials, preventing others from accessing your account, even if they have or can guess your password.

Konnect NET’s 2FA options:

We support two ways of logging in using 2FA. You can select this in your profile settings.

1. Authenticator App (Recommended)*

Generate a verification code using an authenticator app on your smartphone. You do not need to give us your mobile number, and it functions without an internet or cellular connection.

2. Mobile Number

We will send you a verification code in a text message (SMS). This works on all mobile phones, not just smartphones.

It’s just the beginning

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*Where do I obtain an authenticator app?

Authenticator apps are now widely used, and you may already have one installed on your smartphone. If not, these ones are popular:

Google Authenticator
Microsoft Authenticator
Setting up 2FA


Step 1 – Log in.

Step 2 – Click on your name at the top left of the navigation bar.

Step 3 – Click the Security Tab.

Step 4 – Find the section called “Two-Factor Authentication” and this is where you can set it up.

Need help?

If you need help or have any questions about 2FA, please get in touch with our support team:

Contact support