Streamline how you capture health data and enable your ideal experience for your customers

SureSmart digitises your medical forms, allowing you to streamline the claims journey and assist your customers in their rehabilitation journey

Why SureSmart?

A great experience for health providers

SureSmart offers health providers a seamless experience integrated into their workflows. This enables smarter data collection for insurers, through our integration into Practice Management Systems of 90% of Australian GPs and thousands of specialists, AHPs, and hospitals.
Smarter data collection

We seamlessly extract information from practice management systems, utilizing nimble forms technology to streamline questionnaires and retrieve only essential data.
Focused on integration and automation

Our focus on integration and automation includes delivering data through APIs, seamlessly integrating into underwriting and claims systems, and implementing rules to automate decision-making processes.
An easy and secure process for your customers

By having your various forms available via the practice management system, you can take a further step forward in a digital journey for your customers.
We take information security very seriously.
Konnect NET undergoes annual security audits run by government approved independent vendors, is aligned with international privacy laws, and its security standards meet the requirements of international banks and insurance companies. Your clients' information is protected by multiple layers of security:
Challenge-response authorisation
Authenticated users
Role-based access control
Passwords and passphrases
Data Encryption
Virus Scanning
Data Retention Policy
Audit Logs

How SureSmart works

1. Attend

Your customer attends their health provider
2. Access

The health provider accesses your digital form in their Practice Management System (for example, a medical certificate)
3. Automatically populated

Your form is automatically populated with data from the Practice Management system, and presents other questions required.
4. Receive

You receive information electronically in PDF and data formats into your systems or via our secure portal
If you’d like a demonstration or more information on SureSmart, we’d be delighted to help.
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