Published May 8th 2024

Clanwilliam has reinforced its presence in Australia with the launch of an AUS-specific version of its pioneering Konnect NET service.

The unveiling of the customised offering comes just weeks after the company unveiled a brand new ANZ division in a bid to further drive digital innovation across Australia and New Zealand.

Developed over the last 12 months, the AUS version of Konnect NET is aimed at enabling a more secure and effective health data exchange between the country’s insurers and health professionals, as well as collaboration between many other organisations, including Government agencies. The platform also ensures Australian Prudential Regulation Authority data-handling compliance.

Widespread cost, resource & operational efficiencies

Used by all major insurers and GPs in New Zealand, Konnect NET has already generated impressive results – significantly reducing paper usage and the costs associated with traditional medical data-sharing, and slashing overall turnaround times from over 20 to just five days.


“Connecting our own innovative solutions with new markets to further benefit the sectors we operate in further reinforces our commitment to driving digital innovation, not only across ANZ, but in our other global markets too,” explains Clanwilliam Founder and Group Chief Executive Officer, Howard Beggs.


“We are investing substantially in our technology platforms to drive better connected and more agile healthcare delivery and the best possible patient outcomes. Building upon Konnect NET’s market-leading approach to data exchange in New Zealand and bringing it to the Australian sector is key to helping address current and future challenges in line with national health, business and financial sector strategies.”

1 pioneering product, 2 industry-leading platforms

Konnect NET comprises two platforms:

SureMed – is designed to seamlessly integrate directly into Australian business’ systems and health professionals’ clinical databases. Information is requested and shared by both parties securely, with health professionals completing a time-saving auto-populated form.

SureSmart – digitises medical forms, providing a more streamlined claims experience for patients. Health professionals access the encrypted forms from within their clinical systems and send them directly to the insurer or funder. The forms are also designed to help automate decisions and support the overall rehabilitation journey process.


Spearheading critical security & compliance-focused change

“Health information and health IT are underutilised strategic tools, particularly within Australia’s insurance sector. We are committed to overcoming this challenge and spearheading a crucial step-change that delivers customer experience, rehabilitation outcomes and operational efficiency improvements,” explains Dave Young, Managing Director of Clanwilliam Australia.


“The launch of Konnect NET to Australia’s insurance and wider business markets also ensures all data exchanges are underpinned by the highest security levels and regulatory compliance.”

Since 2017, Clanwilliam, headquartered in Ireland, has invested more than NZ$100 million in the Australasian healthcare technology market. The company remains committed to delivering innovative healthcare technology that supports healthcare professionals in providing great care to their patients.